Going spare

A work in progress, this page will be gyro related stuff for sale once I get my arse in gear. With many things to do before heading back to Bois de la Pierre in four weeks (remembering French, remembering how to fly, etc), I’ll stick a quick list on here for now and follow up with photos dreckly. Please use the contact page in the unlikely event that anything takes your fancy.

Large red and black fleece-lined flying suit. As new condition £50

3 Large helmets – 2 Lynx and a Communica – rough, need a refurb.

2 or 3 Headsets, MicroAvionics, good condition

Various instruments, altimeter, airspeeds, some Rotax gauges.

Wunderlich long spin-up drive shaft from a Parsons.

2 Air Command rotor heads.

Various bits from a surplus Mk.4 Cricket: 582 engine mount (welded plate assembly, struts), seat pan and brackets, control stick, silencer.