Brilliant new gyroplane book

A really good read (honest!)

So it’s two-years-old already, but still a good read if you like aviation stories that are a little different from the norm, and this one has several unique twists. Cherished memories of the old school gyronauts who taught me to fly, and the pioneers who taught them, back when every new gyro student was on their own with only a set of instructions to guide them – the text books yet to be written.

A chance find in my old friend’s cellar uncovered the remarkable legacy of Ernie Brooks, a forgotten pioneer whose tiny Brookland gyroplane attracted attention from all around the world. Tracing his story unfolded the wonderful, yet heart-rending tale of his young nephew Trevor, who idolised the innovative aviator and never forgot the promise made by his beloved uncle. But tragedy intervened and that promise remained unfulfilled.

I didn’t know Ernie and was therefore unable to portray him in the book with the same warmth and familiarity as my Cornish veterans. It was Trevor’s input that made all the difference and helped me to capture Ernie’s spirit on paper. I couldn’t have done it without him. Back in 2011, we had no idea that it would all lead to a trail of bread crumbs, set in place down through the decades just waiting for the right moment. In following it through to its logical conclusion, we created a new chapter entirely of our own and wrote an ending more incredible than either of us could have imagined.